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Modern expanded states therapy protocols divide the experience into three stages: intentions, journey and integration.

During the intention stage we will take time to get clear on the healing and transformation you are seeking. Together we will do an in-depth intake of your personal history to create a life map. We will review your current goals and challenges and formulate intentions to carry into the deep work.

The journey is a full day experience. You will arrive and have time to settle in and acclimatize to the space. We will take time to get centered and to review your intentions for the work. Depending on the modality you are working with, the length of the journey can vary from 3 to 6 hours. During your journey, you might encounter deep somatic release, emotional release, visionary experiences, personal and transpersonal insights, mystical experiences, and other perceptual shifts. I will be with you throughout your experience, from start to finish, creating and holding a safe and supportive container. I will track your experience, take note of your material as it arises, and offer intuitive guidance as needed. As you land from your experience, you will gently return to your ordinary state of consciousness.

The Integration stage is perhaps the most important aspect of this work. Together we will draw from your journey experience and help make connections to your everyday life. We will explore how the journey can inform your life and how the journey material relates to your intention. Integration is the process of continuing to make meaning of these experiences and allow them to transform our lives towards healing, growth, and manifesting your deepest goals and desires.


  • Physical pain, injury, illness
  • Low energy, low productivity
  • Healing Addiction
  • Working with oppression/injustice (racism, homophobia etc.)
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender expression
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Grief and loss
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Clarity around career path
  • Life purpose / Dharma
  • Feeling Stuck / Needing a shake up!
  • Releasing Anger and Resentment
  • Healing after a breakup or Divorce
  • Issues in intimate relationships
  • Clarity around parenting challenges
  • Boundary Issues
  • Communication issues
  • Creativity
  • Connecting more deeply with nature
  • Deepening your spiritual expression


For many people, a single journey can be deeply transformative. However once people discover the power of this path, it is common to want to dive deeper into the work. Journeys can be physically and emotionally taxing so it is important to take time to recover, and also for the session to integrate. You cannot rush your healing! Some people do intensive journey work (ie/ monthly) for a period of several years, others may journey once a season, or as life challenges arise. Your path will be unique to your goals and needs.

Keep in mind that this is an incredibly powerful path not only for healing past wounds and traumas, but also for the “betterment of well people.” Doing this deep journey work can help you take your health, wellbeing, career, relationships, and spiritual practices to the next level.