microdosingIt’s been quiet but also quick: microdosing has spread from San Francisco to New York and around the country. People say they are using it not to escape their everyday lives but to enhance them. Microdosing involves taking roughly one-tenth the “journey” dose, not enough to become altered, but enough to sharpen the mind. Users report being more in touch with their emotions, being more embodied, and making better dietary choices. They also report improved mood, increased qulaity of sleep, as well as reduced depression and anxiety. They still feel like themselves, users say, only a little better!

Between 2010 and 2013, microdosing began to gain steam in Silicon Valley coder circles, thanks in part to the preachings of researcher James Fadiman. It’s been nearly 10 years since Fadiman introduced the notion of microdosing and devised a widely followed protocol for it. Now microdosing has became the latest Silicon Valley “productivity hack,”

“It sharpens all the senses, as if the frequencies of all of your atoms and energy field are raised a little bit and are being slightly more conscious,” said one microdoser. It makes him energetic enough to skip coffee, “as if I’m kicked into some sort of orbit for that day.”

Anecdotal accounts already suggest that microdosing is not for everyone. For those who have any sort of bipolar or psychosis history, there is the possibility of overstimulation. Yet the curiosity only grows, in part because of renewed interest in the potential therapeutic benefits of entheogens taken in traditional doses.

While research into microdosing has been minimal thus far, many are intrigued by possible upside and want to get in on the reported benefits.