couples journeyFor eager couples, expanded states journey’s offer an incredible opportunity to safely and lovingly examine the entirety of their relationship. In the forthcoming book Love Drugs: The Chemical Future of Relationships, it is said that;

“about 90 percent of their couples benefitted from the expanded states therapy, reporting that they felt more love toward their partners and were better able to move beyond pointless grudges and past pains.”

Many couples swear that expanded states therapy has magical properties for relationships. Clients have expressed:

“It opens us in a way that no other thing can.”

Couples also journey following life-changing events, such as infidelity, the birth of a new child, or the loss of a pregnancy — events that are proven to have seismic and often devastating effects on a partnership.

Growing or repairing your relationship, however, isn’t as simple as taking a journey. It takes work, both during the experience, and more importantly, the integration period afterward. With this tool, couples can examine the foundation of the partnership, address strains or psychological barriers, and then incorporate those learnings into their everyday lives.

Once committed to the work, the couple will dedicate a full day to the process. Some journey experiences may be uncomfortable. This deep work can help you face difficult buried emotions. It is also a tool to help couples repair a rupture that may have otherwise been insurmountable. Many journeys are heart opening and teach beautiful lessons such as self-love, empathy, forgiveness, and gratitude. Couples journeys allow you to learn deep truths about yourself and your partner. This can allow couples to rediscover their bond and help save them from future heartbreak.